Danse / Hygge / øvede 2022 - 2023

Øvede / hygge

Dans Koreograf Video Step
Pull up a chair S.Guichard, D.Musk, K.sala  Video Step
3 tequila floor M.Glover, J. Thompson  Video Step
2-step turn Shane McKeeverStep Video Step
Dim the lights M.Glover, S. Ward  Video  Step 
Country Nights M.Gallagher, G.O'reily Video Step 
Knock off G.Bourdages,N.Lachande,N.Poulsen Video  Step 
Baby madda Shane Mckeever Video Step 
Easy on me G.O'reilly, M. Gallagher Video Step
Ain't misbehavin G.Mundy, J. Thompson, A.Glass. Video  Step 
Would have loved her Darren Bailey Video Step 
She Believes Kate Sala  Video Step 
Side by side PatriciaE. Stott  Video  Step 
Hold my hand J. Talbot, A.Johnstone Video  Step
Price for love D.Musk, E. van de pol Video Step
Vanotek Cha Gary O'reilly  Video  Step 
Bad habits M. Gallagher, G. O'reilly Video  Step 
Soul Judy Rodgers Video  Step 
Come Tomorrow  Michele Perron  Video  Step 
All the kings horses A.Biggs, P.Metelnick Video  Step 
And get it on  D.Trepat, J. M. B. Vane  Video  Step
Give me shivers  Julia Wetzel Video  Step 
Bedroom sha  J.Camps, R.Verdonk Video  Step
Nuuk Qulaallugu Mona Leth  Video  Step
Green green grass Karl-Harry Winson  Video  Step
I believe Dee Musk Video Step
Imperfections Esmeralde Van de pol Video Step
One too many N.Fitzgerald, J.Harris  Video  Step
Corazon Diamante R.Verdonk, M.Gallagher, G.O'reilly  Video  Step 
Slowly,Gently,Softly Gary O'reilly Video Step
A lesson in love Dee Musk, Simon Ward Video Step
So just dance J.M.B.Vane, G.Richard Video Step
Leaving of liverpool  Maggie Gallagher Video  Step 
When I found you Kim Ray Video Step
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